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Multichannel Dispersion Compensator Fabricated by Interleaving Several Sampled Fiber Bragg Gratings

Yu Zhihui;Yu Chongxiu;Wu Qiang;Wang Xu;Wang Kuiru   

  1. (College of Electronics Engineering,Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications,Beijing 100876)
  • Received:2005-04-07 Revised:2005-07-08 Online:2006-08-25 Published:2006-08-25
  • Contact: Yu Zhihui

Abstract: By theoretic analysis of the interleaved sampled fiber Bragg gratings (ISFBG),the refractive index modulation expression of the ISFBG is deduced.It shows that the ISFBG can be equivalent to a conventional sample fiber Bragg grating.The interleaving technique makes it available that low refractive index modulation results in more channels with almost identical reflectivity.For the first time,two SFBG are interleaved in a fiber and a 10channels dispersion compensator is fabricated with almost identical reflectivity.The group time delay ripples of each channel are almost less than 20 ps.

Key words: Fiber Bragg ratings, Dispersion compensator, Group time delay, Ripples

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