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The Progress of Microstructure optical Fibers and Their Technologies


  • Received:2008-09-18 Revised:2008-09-21 Online:2008-11-30 Published:2008-11-30

Abstract: Microstructure optical fibers (MOF) are the research hot pot, their extraordinary performances inject great vigor into the novel optical devices. In this article, the most recent progress of MOFs at home and abroad was formulated in the aspects of process techniques, specifications of MOF products. The important applications and the most new achievements of the MOFs in the optical device fields were formulated in detail, including the fields of high power fiber laser, fiber amplifier, super-continuum spectrum, all-optical switch, dispersion compensation and so on. Finally, the developing trend of MOFs and their application technologies were also presented.

Key words: application, photonic crystal fiber, microstructure optical fiber, device, fabrication