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    Yang Zhiyong, Hou Xun
    Acta Photonica Sinica    1998, 27 (4): 289-299.  
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    In this paper, the nonllnear higher order squeezing theory of two-mode and multi-mode radiative ligh fields, based upon the developlng of current squeezing theories,is established by Yang Zhiyong and Hou Xun firstly.So the two kinds of nonlinear higher-order squeezing, both Nth-power Y-squeezing and Nth-power H-squeezing,of two-mode and multi-mode radiative light fields are also defined in new theory.And then a new type of two-mode light field of superposition state |ψ> thatlinear superposition principle in quantum mechanlcs is satisfied, is constructed.According to thedefinition mentioned above,the two kinds of nonlinear higher-order squeezing effects of the state |ψ>are therefore studied in is found that |ψ> is a new type of nonclassical light field in whichthere exists eigher any order Nth power Y-squeezing or any order Nth-power H-squeezing.And under some certain conditlons.this two kinds of nonlinear higher-order squeezing effects present the properties of periodic and alternating changes between the naximum squeezing and the minimumsqueezing.The definition of Nth power squeezing of single-mode radiative light field amplitude proposed in reference 7 is only the specific example of this paper under the condition of k= 1.
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    Li Qi, Feng Huajun, Xu Zhihai, Bian Meijuan, Shen Su, Dai Ruichun
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2002, 31 (6): 736-738.  
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    Gradient function,frequency spectrum function and entropy function are main tools for evaluating digital image sharpness.This paper discussed their application in autofocus technology and studied feature of evaluation functions.Experimental results show that gradient function′s advantage is rapid speed and it can be used in real-time process,and frequency spectrum function has good sensibility and is qualified for higher accuracy.
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    An Experimental Method of Eliminating Zero-order Diffraction in Digital Off-axis Holography
    Lü Qieni;Ge Baozhen;Zhang Yimo
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    An experimental method of eliminating zero-order diffraction in the reconstructed image of off-axis digital holography is presented. Holographic diffraction grating acts as a beam splitter,and an off-axis holography system is formed. The holograms of object with different recording parameters are obtained by adjusting reflecting mirror in recording optical system to vary incidence orientation of the object beam in CCD to introduce phase shift. The zero-order image can be eliminated by numerically processed the hologram of object with different recording parameters. The theoretical analysis has been done in detail,and the experimental results are also given. The experimental results show that the method presented in this paper is feasible,simple in optical structure and easy in operation and data processing.
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    Research on the Relationship of the Change in Forward Voltage with Temperature of Light Emitting Diode
    Li Bingqian, Bu Liangji, Gan Xiongwen, Fan Guanghan
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2003, 32 (11): 1349-1351.  
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    Physical mechanism of the forward voltage changes with the operator temperature is analyzed in this paper, and a measurement system is built to research these changes. The linear fitted method is used to analyze the experiment data, and the coefficient of the forward voltage changes with temperature is gotten for many types light emitting diodes, it is very important parameter for the thermal control and device structure design of ultra-high-brightness, power LED devices and assemble.
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    Wang Qian, Yu Feihong, Pan Weimin, Chen Jun, Guo Haicheng
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2000, 29 (4): 330-338.  
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    Detailed formulas were derived using Yeh′s formulation of the extended 2×2 Jones matrix and applied to twisted nematic liquid crystal displays(LCDs)at oblique angles of incidence.Numerical comparisons of this extended Jones matrix method with the exact 4×4 Berreman matrix and with the extended Jones matrix of Lien are presented.The different extended Jones matrix formulations differ in their approach to boundary conditions matching between the model birefringent layers.We show that the Yeh′s version is a more accurate approximations to the full 4×4 matrix.This extended Jones matrix method is fast,direct and simple.It is also physically more intuitive.
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    The Study of Fiber Bragg Grating Pressure Sensor with High Pressure-resistance
    Sun An;Qiao Xueguang;Jia Zhenan;Guo Tuan;Chen Changyong
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    The pressure responses of polymer packaged fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor are analyzed, a special kind of pressure-resistant polymer is used to coat FBG in a metal tube. A kind of soft elastic material is used to reduce the friction between tube and polymer, and to eliminate chirp effect caused by different friction distribution to improve the pressure response of FBG. The pressure response sensitivity is 0.036 nm/MP, the response curve is linear, and the whole measuring range can reach 40 MP at least.
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    Xu Dingguo, Hou Yao, Yang Zhiyong, Hou Xun
    Acta Photonica Sinica    1999, 28 (6): 481-493.  
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    In this paper, the properties of N-th p0wer Y-squeezing, N-th power H-squeezing, N-Yminimum uncertainty state and N-H minimum uncertainty state in the multi-mode even-coherent state light field |ψ,e〉q is studied in detail,that is based upon utilizing the theory 0f generalized nonlinear equal-order higher-order squeezing of multi-mode radiative light field, which is proposed by Yang Zhiyong and Hou Xun recently, lt ls f0und that, l ), When N, the number of squeezing-order, is even number, the state |ψ,e〉q is always stayed in N-Y minimum uncertainty state; and when N is 0dd number, the state |ψ,e〉q, under some certain c0nditi0ns, can present any order N-th p0wer Y-squeezing which changes periodically1 2 ) When q. N, the products of cavity modes number and squeezingxirder number, is even number, the state |ψ,e〉q is also always stayed in N-H minimum uncertainty state,and when q. N is odd number under some other conditions the state |ψ,e〉q can also present any order N-th power H-squeezing that changes periodically too 1and 3) the squeezing depth and degree of both N-th power Y-squeezing and N-th power H-squeezing are related nonlinearly to the probability amplitudeyq(e), to the squeezing parameter Rj,to the initial phase of each mode ψj(or to the sum of the initial phase of each mode ∑j=1qψj), to the squeezing order number N and to the cavity-mode number q,the later is more intensive than the former.
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    Cui Yuanshun
    Acta Photonica Sinica    1998, 27 (6): 517-520.  
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    Starting from equation of an active LC circuit,the quantum fluctuations of the voltage and current in the mesoscopic circuit in the vacuum state and the squeezed vacuum state are investigated by introducting the normal-variable and quantizing the active LC circuit,and the influence of the squeezed angle on the fluctuations are studied especially.
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    Study on the Visible Emission Mechanism of Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Films
    Song Guoli;Sun Kaixia
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Nanocrystalline ZnO thin films is a promising material for short-wave laser and luminescence etc, due to its wide band gap (3.37 eV) and high exciton binding energy(60 meV)at room temperature. The high-quality nanocrystalline ZnO thin films is prepared by using sol-gel, grow on quartz glass subtractes, Photoluminescence spectra and Absorption spectra of nanocrystalline ZnO thin films with excitation wavelength 330 nm are measured at room temperature. Two emission bands are observed, one being a strong and narrow ultraviolet emission band its central wavelength is 392 nm and the other being weak and wide green visible band its central wavelength is 519 nm. Crystal structure of samples are examined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern, the mean grain size of nanocrystalline ZnO thin films are calculated by with DebyeScherrer formula. The results indicate that nanocrystalline ZnO thin films has a hexagonal wurtzite structure and polycrystalline, and showed sharp diffraction peak for ZnO(002),which indicate that as-sputered film were highly caxis oriented. The grain increases with annealing temperature, Absorption spectra of ZnO thin films indicated that the band gap of the thin films was 3.30 eV . Photoluminescence spectra showed that ZnO thin films emitted strong UV Photoluminescence .The intensities of PL peaks decrease with increasing annealing temperature. In particular the mechanism behind the visible luminescence has also been discussed in this paper.It should be said that the mechanism behind the visible luminescence is still a question to debate. In this paper the visible emission processes of nanocrystalline ZnO. The experiments prove that the luminescence emission peak located 519nm corresponds to the transition from the shallow level of oxygen vacancy to the shallow level of zinc vacancy or electron transition from deep level of oxygen vacancy to valence band.
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    The Influence of Doping Concentration and Initial Temperature on the Stress Distribution of Heat Capacity Lasers
    Cheng Hua;Zhong Ming;Lü Baida
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    A simulation model of flashlamp-pumped heat capacity Nd∶glass rod lasers is presented. Based on this model,the temperature and stress distributions of heat capacity lasers are studied.It is shown that the Nd doping concerntration and initial temperature affect the stress distribution of heat capacity lasers.The result is useful for the design,safe running and cost-reduction of heat capacity lasers.
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    Hou Yao, Meng Jide, Tian Laike, Hu Yanfang, Wan Yun, Yang Zhiyong
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2001, 30 (10): 1194-1199.  
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    In this paper,the multimode squeezed state theory constructed by Yang Zhiyong and Hou Xun and published in Acta Photonica Sinica is utilized to study the effects of even-number-order equal-order N-th power Y-squeezing on the seventh kind of multimode superposition state light field |ψ7(2)>q that is made of the linear superpositions of the multimode coherent state |{Zj}>q and the contrary state |{-iZj}>q of the multimode imaginary coherent state |{iZj}>q.It is found that under the conditions of the squeezing-order-number N=2p and p=2m+1 (here,m=0,1,2,3,...,...),the state |ψ7(2)>q can always display the even-number-order generalized nonlinear equal-order N-th power Y-squeezing effects which changes periodically while some other conditions are satisfied respectively by the initial phase φ j(here,j=1,2,3,...,q) of each mode,and by the initial mixing phase which is composed of the initial phase difference (θpq(R)pq(I)) between the two components of the state |ψ7(2)>q mentioned above and the sum of the mean photon number of each single mode coherent state light field in the two components of the state |ψ7(2)>q.
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    Propagation Properties of Self-Similar Pulse in a Dispersion-Decreasing Fiber with Normal Group-Velocity Dispersion
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Considering higher-order dispersion effect,the properties of the self-similar parabolic pulse evolution in a dispersion-decreasing optical fiber with normal group-velocity dispersion are investigated.The results show that parabolic pulses are distorted and the characteristic of exactly self-similarity will be lost due to the higher-order dispersion.The pulse still reveals highly linear chirp but glows into asymmetric.The highly linear chirp in optical pulse allows for efficient and high-quality pulse compression by use of dispersion compensation technique.
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    Algorithm of Blind Pixels Auto-searching and Compensation for IRFPA
    Zhou Huixin;Yin Shimin;Liu Shangqiang;Lai Rui
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Based on the analysis to the behavior of blind pixel, an auto-searching and interpolation compensation algorithm for blind pixels by using IRFPA’s imaging data of two reference radiation source and the pertinency between the adjacent pixels is advanced. Then auto-searching and compensation for blind pixels of IRFPA is achieved. The experiments on real Infrared imaging sequences demonstrate that the algorithm has the advantages of apace and high veracity for blind pixels location, good correction effect and easy implementation.
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    Chen Pingxing, Li Chengzu, Huang Mingqiu, Liang Linmei
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2000, 29 (1): 5-8.  
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    In this paper,we calculate the master equation of a qubit in a reservoir at arbitrary temperature with markov approximation,and discuss the decoherence of a qubit for amplitude damping.Our discussion show that the relation of transition frequency of a qubit to the characteristic frequency and cut-off frequency of the reservoir may influence the qubit’s decoherence obviously.
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    Three-Dimensional Optical Storage Inside Silica Glass Using Femtosecond Pulse and Mechanism Study
    Liu Qing, Cheng Guanghua, Wang Yishan, Zhao Wei, Chen Guofu
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2003, 32 (3): 276-279.  
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    Three-dimensional optical data storage is produced by using tightly focused into inside a silica glass that chirped amplified femtosecond laser pulses with 800 nm, 200 fs, 1kHz, total 20 bits planes. Reading the bits planes by a CCD system and a phase contrast optics microscope, respectively. Analyzing the result, and discussing the interaction between femtosecond pulse and transparent material, mechanism of both cascade ionization and multiphoton absorption. It is expressed that multiphoton absorption is domain in interaction between femtosecond pulses and transparent material.
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    Zhang Weigang, Zhou Guang, Liang Longbin, Kai Guiyun, Zhao Qida, Dong Xiaoyi
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2001, 30 (8): 1003-1005.  
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    By packaging fiber gratings with two deferent polymers mixed equably at the definite rate,the temperature sensitivity experiments of the grating packaging component have been studied.The experiments indicate that the grating packaging component has fine linear temperature sensitivity in the normal temperature range between 20℃ and 80℃,and has good temperature insensitivity in the high temperature range between 100℃ and 300℃,which come close to the temperature sensitivity of the bare fiber grating.
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    Fu Daolin, Wang Lanlan, Zhang Haiyan, Chen Zhenghua
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2000, 29 (11): 970-974.  
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    The pokeweed antivirus protein (PAP) cDNA were successfully introduced into the microtuber discs of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars “Jinyin 8” by the laser microbeam puncture techniques (LMPT),which is the first report at home and abroad.65 regenerated plantlets,screened by gentamycin with the optimum concentration of 80mg/L,were obtained.The PAP cDNA was stably integrated into the genome of potato as assayed by PCR and PCR-Southern analyses.The test of PVX challenge showed that the transgenic plants had a significant higher resistance in comparison with the control.Most transgenic plants appeared phenotypically normal.
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    Measurements of LEDs Spectral Characteristics and Junction Temperature
    Liu-Li-Meng, ZHENG Xiao-Dong
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2009, 38 (5): 1069-1073.  
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    The junction temperature and spectral charateristics of AlGaInP based on red,yellow and InGaN based on green,blue and white light-emmiting diodes (LEDs) were measured by using the temperature coefficients of the diode forwared voltage and thermal resistance methode.A linear relation between junction temperature and emission peak wavelength was found for AlGaInP based on red and yellow on LEDs.For the InGaN+YAG white LED,the junction temperature is inversely proportional with the ratio of the total radiation power (W) to the blue radiation power (B) W/B.The experiment results reveal that spectral characteristics measurement method is a good approach for determining junction temperatures of AlGaInP based and phosphor-converted LEDs.

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    Deformation Measurement by Digital Holography
    Zhou Canlin;Kang Yilan
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    The interference technique with digital holography is presented. The noise emerges in digital holography when laser is used as light source because of its speckle effect.The wavelet denoising is applied to the wrapped interference phase in order to obtain better precision in course of phase unwrapping.Application of the technique to displacement measurement of a centrally loaded ,fully-clamped circular plate is provided.Experimental result shows this method′s advantages such as simplity, speediness.
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    The Design of Infrared Dual-band Athermalized Optical System with Double-layer Harmonic Diffractive Element
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    For satisfying the requirements of the achromatism and athermalism,the infrared materials are selected based on the projective athermal chart and the requirement of the double-layer diffractive element.To improve the diffraction efficiency,the double-layer HDE structure is investigated and the optimization procedure is given based on the equation of diffraction efficiency of the double-layer diffractive element.An infrared diffractive-refractive hybrid dual-band optical system with 10° field of view is designed.The effective focal length is 115 mm,while the F number is 2.0.The variation of the MTF is less than 0.09 for the centre field of view for the bands 3.4~4.2 μm and 8~11 μm in the range -40~100℃,and it is 0.13 for the marginal field of view.The optical system attains the athermal and achromatic purposes,and it performs perfectly.Particularly,the high diffraction efficiency and the high image quality in -40~100℃,make the system satisfy the requirements in military and space applications.
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