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    Traditional Approximate Theory and Thin Film Optical Theory in SPR
    ZHANG Jiang-Tao, GU Zheng-Tian, DENG Chuan-Lu
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2010, 39 (7): 1216-1222.   DOI: 10.3788/gzxb20103907.1216
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    In order to solve the problem that traditional SPR theory is approximate when determining parameters of metal film based on Kretschmann geometry, the strict thin film optical theory is introduced. SPR attenuation curve is obtained with characteristic matrix of film system. The results show that there exists differences in resonance angle and amplitude of reflectivity between approximate SPR theory and thin film optical theory. Contour map of resonance angle deviation shows variation of resonance angle deviation under different dielectric constants of metal film. Further experimental study shows that the simulation result of thin film optical theory is more consistent with experimental data than of approximate SPR theory. Finally the sensitivity of SPR sensor is discussed using approximate SPR theory and thin film optical theory respectively, and as a result, there is great difference in distribution region of sensitivity. Optical parameters of metal film can be determined more exactly using thin film optical theory, and accurate parameter combinations must be benefit to design high sensitivity SPR sensors.

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    Research on Calculating Full Width of Half Maxium of Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrum
    WU Ying-Cai, GU Zheng-Tian
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2010, 39 (1): 53-56.   DOI: 10.3788/gzxb20103901.0053
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    Based on the characteristics of compound permittivity of metal film and the perturbation to wave-vector of surface plasmon wave,the full wave half maxium of optical spectrum has been investigated under the surface plasmon resonance sensors in wavelength interrogation.A mathematical expression has been established to describe the relation between the FWHM and parameters of the SPR sensors.The oretical research is consistent with previous experimental results and it could be employed to be theoretical guidance in optimizing properties of SPR sensors.

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    Temperature Characteristics of Portable Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2009, 38 (9): 2229-2233.  
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    In actual application,the performance of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors is influenced by the varying temperature of the environment.The temperature characteristic of portable SPR sensors is experimentally studied by use of Spreeta SPR sensing module,which is developed by Texas Instrument Incorporation.It is found that the resonant angle shift to small value with the increase of the temperature.A detailed theoretical model is provided to analyze the variation of performance with varying temperature of the sensing environment.The temperature dependence of the properties of the metal film,prism and analyte are all considered.The numerical results indicate that the predictions of the theoretical model are well consistent with the experiment data.
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    Plasma Resonance and Optical Forces Between Two Ellipsoidal Silver Nanowires
    GAOYong-yi, ZHONG Hui, ZHOU Ren-long, ZHAN Shi-ping
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2012, (11): 1331-1334.   DOI: 10.3788/gzxb20124111.1331
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    Based on the finite-difference time-domain method, the optical forces between two ellipsoidal silver nanowires and the physical mechanism were investigated. The effect of the relative position and the dimention of two ellipsoidal silver nanowires on the optical forces were analyzed. A slight change of them would result in an obvious change of the optical force. The silver internal electrons were oscillated due to local coupling resonance. The plasma resonance would convert the photon energy in cavity into the kinetic energy of electronic collective oscillation. The electromagnetic field energy was reduced to negative state, which caused the contractive and negative optical force. Therefore, ellipsoidal silver nanowires attracted each other.
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    The Progress of Microstructure optical Fibers and Their Technologies
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Microstructure optical fibers (MOF) are the research hot pot, their extraordinary performances inject great vigor into the novel optical devices. In this article, the most recent progress of MOFs at home and abroad was formulated in the aspects of process techniques, specifications of MOF products. The important applications and the most new achievements of the MOFs in the optical device fields were formulated in detail, including the fields of high power fiber laser, fiber amplifier, super-continuum spectrum, all-optical switch, dispersion compensation and so on. Finally, the developing trend of MOFs and their application technologies were also presented.
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    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Calculating Equations for Resolution and Wavelength Range of Grating Spectrograph
    WANG Xing-quan,FENG Ke-cheng,ZHU Guo-xian,WANG Xiao-qian
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2009, 38 (5): 1167-1170.  
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    The parameters and property of Level symmetrical Ebert-Fastie spectrograph was studied.Based on the light-path diagram of Level symmetrical Ebert-Fastie spectrograph,it was deduced for the calculating equations of included angle between incident light and diffracted light,angle of incidence,angle of diffraction,measurable spectrum grade and measurable range of wavelength,by geometry methods.Based on theoretical resolution’s calculating formulas,the equations of interaction between resolution and structure parameters was deduced in view of slit width.By deriving the equations,improving resolution’s methods were come into being.The example of calculating revolution shows that the practical revolution in view of slit width is 83% of the theoretical resolution in which slit is infinitely slender.

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    Random Error Analysis of Illumination Distribution Calculated by Non-sequential Ray Tracing Programs
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    The computation random error of illuminance distribution was studied in case of a plane illuminated by a point source.The data show that the random error is inversely proportional to the square root of ray hits in one pixel.Every single pixel area has to be hit by 1 000 rays at least to achieve a result with standard deviation better than 2%.It can be concluded that a proper selection of grid density and ray number are important for necessary accuracy in different cases.
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    The Application of Sol-Gel Technology in Coatings on Glass
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Glass, as a kind of amorphous material, is widely used. It has been found that some important properties of glass will be efficiently improved by coating technology. The advantages and disadvantages of sol-gel coating technology have been introduced in this paper and the application area and development of sol-gel coating technology have also been reviewed. By researching on preparation and controlling of the oxide coatings such as SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, HfO2, Al2O3, WO3, V2O5, the author get many kinds of functional coatings with controllable optical performance. The hi-strength SiO2 antireflective coatings, which has good performance of optics and mechanics, were prepared by dip-coating method. The results show that the average transmittance of glass coated in this way has been increased by more than 6% at the wave band of 400nm~800nm. The surface of the coatings was smooth and dense. And the mechanical strength was very well. This kind of AR coatings was very useful in practice.
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    Li Hui, Xie Shusen, Lu Zukang
    Acta Photonica Sinica    1999, 28 (12): 1075-1079,1090.  
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    In this paper,it is pointed out that the significance of dispersion in often neglected in the measurement of refractive index by interference Emphasis is placed on an additional concept of group refractive index which is defined as the ratio of the velocity of light in vacuum to group velocity in medium Intensive analyses show that the physical meanings of group refractive index include both refractive index and its dispersive property Therefore,it is easy to learn why many results of group refractive indices by interferential method are mistaken to be real refractive indices To differentiate refractive index from group one is not only to correct errors in refractive index measurement but also to highlight the temporal characteristic of dispersion phenomenon in the light transport in medium To this end,a transforming relation between the group refractive index and the refractive index is presented and discussed in detail Some examples of typical solid,liquid and gas are also given.
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    Preparation and Luminescent Propeties of Er3+and Er3+/Yb3+ Codoped ZrO2-Al2O3
    TAN Xin-Xin, LV Shu-Chen
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2010, 39 (7): 1169-1175.   DOI: 10.3788/gzxb20103907.1169
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    NanocrystallineZrO2-Al2O3∶Er3+ luminescence powders are prepared by co-precipitation method. The room temperature sharp characteristics emissions of Er3+ ions are observed, in which green light at 547, 560 nm is the strongest. There exists the energy transfer between the matrix and rare earth ions Er3+. Samples with different sintering temperature are studied. The results show the samples with different sintering temperature display different crystalline phase. The up-conversion luminescence of nanocrystalline ZrO2-Al2O3∶Er3+and ZrO2-Al2O3∶Er3+/ Yb3+ are studied and the transition mechanism of the up-conversion are discussed. It is found that the red and green emissions of ZrO2-Al2O3∶Er3+ are two-photon process. In the up-conversion spectrum of ZrO2-Al2O3∶Er3+ / Yb3+ the red and green emissions are also two-photon process, but very weak blue emission is the three-photon process. Concentration quenching of the ions Er3+ is discussed. The most appropriate doping concentration is 2%(Er3+/ Zr4+).

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    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Liang Chuang, Liao Jing, Liang Bing, Wu Lingan
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2000, 29 (12): 1142-1147.  
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    Silicon avalanche photodiodes operating in the Geiger mode are capable of detecting single photon in the near infrared regime.It is designed and tested two types of quenching circuit,with a dead time of about 1μs in the passive quenching mode and 60~80ns in the active quenching mode.The output pulse width is about 20ns.The performance of the detector under various operating temperatures has been investigated down to liquid nitrogen temperatures,and a new observation is reported.
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    Progress and Applications of High-resolution and Super-resolution Optical Imaging in Space and Biology
    YAO Bao-li, LEI Ming, XUE Bin, GAO Peng, YAN Shao-hui, ZHAO Hui, ZHAO Wei, YANG Jian-feng, FAN Xue-wu, QIU Yue-hong, GAO Wei, ZHAO Bao-chang, LI Ying-cai
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2011, 40 (11): 1607-1618.   DOI: 10.3788/gzxb20114011.1607
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    Large to observe the boundless expanse of universe with astronomical optical telescopes, small to detect the infinitesimal nano-world with optical microscopes, optical imaging technology plays a very important role for human beings in the exploration and discovery of the mysteries of the unknown world. To see farther, to see more details and to see more clearly are people's constantly pursuing goal. The traditional optics theory has proved that all classical optical systems are diffraction-limited, i.e., the physical limit of the spatial resolution of optical systems is determined by the light wavelength and the relative aperture (or numerical aperture) of the system. Can this diffraction-limited barrier be broken through? Is it possible to continue to improve the imaging resolution of optical systems? Around this issue, this paper reviews the recent progress of a variety of high-resolution and super-resolution optical imaging techniques, and their developments in the fields of space exploration and biological applications.

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    Electron Ultrafast Relaxation Process in Semiconductor Nanoparticles
    CHEN Zhen-yu,LIANG Rui-sheng,HUANG Shu-liang,LIAO Hao-xiang,MA Zhi-jian
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2010, 39 (10): 1738-1741.   DOI: 10.3788/gzxb20103910.1738
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    To study the dynamic process excited by femtsecond laser,a carrier model with three energy level and trap is constructed,with which the electron rate equation is obtained.The numerical simulation is used to calculate the electron number change of each energy level and the differentiated absorbtion rate as the time goes by.With the change of the electron’s absorption cross-section,differentiated absorbtion rate will have a ultrafast change process.Compared with the experimental result of Fanxin Wu,the differentiated absorbtion rate curves are basically the same,which shows the model have some rationality.

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    Measurement of Homogeneity of Optical Glass with Parallel Surfaces Using Low Coherence Light Sources
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    In order to solve the problem that the traditional interferometric absolute method can not test the homogeneity of optical glass and crystal with parallel surfaces,a low coherence light source was used on the Twyman-Green interferometer.Both the front and the rear surface of the tested sample were placed close to the zero-OPD position by adjusting the optical path of the reference arm.The lights reflected from the two surfaces were not interfering with the reference light simultaneously.So the lights reflected either from the front surface or from the rear surface could be distinguished.The interferograms were processed with the virtual grating phase-shifting Moire fringe method.By inputting the data of the acquired phase into the formula of the absolute method,the homogeneity of the sample could be calculated.The thickness and caliber of the tested sample are 13mm and 75mm respectively.The measurement result indicates that the accuracy is within 2.6×10-6,the peak-to-valley value is Δnpv=6.06×10-6,and the rms is Δnrms=8.96×10-7.
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    The Research Development of Chalcogenide Glass Materials Emitting 3-5μm Fluorescence
    Shi-xun DAI
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    Rare-earth ions doped chalcogenide glasses and fibers are capable of emitting 3-5μm fluorescence as mid-infrared sources. In this paper, kinds of rare earth ions emitting 3-5μm in Mid-infrared band and the corresponding transitions were firstly reviewed. The research progress of rare-earth ions doped chalcogenide glass materials with 3-5μm fluorescence in recent years was introduced. The main problems at the field of Rare-earth ions doped chalcogenide glass materials with 3-5μm fluorescence were summarized. In the end, the research trend of 3-5μm fluorescence emission of rare earth ions doped chalcogenide glasses was proposed.
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    Subject Index on Acta Photonica Sinica in 2010 Vol-39
    Acta Photonica Sinica    2010, 39 (12): 2279-2297.  
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    Measurement Method to Object Distances by Monocular Vision
    ZHANG Fa-Quan
    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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    A method to measure object distance by monocular vision was proposed.Position of one object′s conjugate image plane varied when the distance between it and the optical system was changed.The image on CCD was out of focus as a result of fixed CCD in cameras.Blur extent of images was scaled by width of image edge.Images were processed by wavelet transform and widths of blurred image edge were detected.Real distance between object and optical system was calculated through cubic spline interpolation.The measurement method to object distance by monocular vision was realized.Results show that the method is feasible.
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    Acta Photonica Sinica   
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